Meghan Trainor’s Album Heading for No. 1 on Billboard 200

It'd be the first time a Massachusetts-bred artist will top the chart since Godsmack.

Meghan Trainor 'Title' Via Epic Records

Meghan Trainor, ‘Title.’ / Via Epic Records

Did you just see that? Taylor Swift falling from her throne? This week, with the debut of her first full-length album, Title, Meghan Trainor is zooming past the established queen of Top 40 and is expected to come out at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 next week, according to a report from Billboard.

Swift’s 1989 spent its ninth week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart as of January 14, but industry forecasters are predicting that Trainor’s album will top Swift’s, selling more than 220,000 copies in its first week—a hefty amount for 2015.

Trainor established herself with her old-fashion doo-wop sound in her first single, “All About That Bass,” which carried over into followup song “Lips Are Movin’,” and then eventually her album. Title was originally released as an EP with four select songs back in September, and was reissued as a full-length on January 13.

Though this is huge news for Trainor as a solo female singer who’s literally only competing with Swift, Beyonce, and maybe Ariana Grande, it’s also a huge step for her as a Massachusetts-bred artist. Billboard confirmed that the last Boston-bred act to top the Billboard 200 chart was Godsmack’s “The Oracle” in 2010. Aside from Godsmack, which had three No. 1 albums, Aerosmith and Passion Pit are the only few that even made it close.

While Trainor is currently projected to become No. 1, Billboard will announce official numbers on Wednesday, January 21.