Saturday Night Live Takes on Brady and Belichick’s Deflategate Pressers

It's not so bad.

After Conan O’Brien had a field day with the Patriots’ Deflategate scandal last week, Saturday Night Live took its own turn with poking fun at the controversy.

The show opened up with a sketch laughing at Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s Deflategate press conferences on Thursday. But considering everyone except New England thought they were lying, SNL was determined not leave Brady and Belichick indiscrete.

“I came here today to tell you I had absolutely nothing to do with deflating those footballs, and that’s all I have to say on the matter—period.” Belichick’s character says. “But I still have several minutes left, so I’d like to spend the remainder of the press conference throwing my quarterback under the bus.”

Taran Killam played Brady, and was admittedly good at nailing his chill-guy, nonchalant disposition. While the media speculates that Brady knew a lot more about the deflating footballs than he let on, SNL portrayed Brady like a flat-out moron.

“Guys, I don’t know things! I’m not a banker! I’m not a science computer!” He says. Later he adds, “Remember how my former teammate Aaron Hernandez allegedly murdered three people? I mean that seems like a huge story, right?”

Between Belichick’s DGAF attitude, and Brady’s reappearing pom-pom hat, they practically served comedians material for low-rent laugh opportunities on a big silver platter. And there’s definitely more in store.