Louis CK Weighs In on Deflategate, Calls It Like It Is on Letterman

"It's a stupid football game."

Once again, leave it to Louis CK to put things in perspective. This week, it’s about the Patriots and the ball-busting sports scandal heard around the world, Deflategate.

While appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman, the Pats fan put it simply:

They want to win real bad. Sometimes you do stuff that’s not fair so that you can win. I have no problem with it, I think it’s hilarious, and why not? It’s a stupid football game. Just deflate the balls, poke the guy in the eye or whatever…it’s football!

When Letterman points out how the whole controversy got started, Louis CK says of the hypocrisy:

It’s great! It’s fun! When it’s your turn to use the rules, you use it against the other team. And when you want to do something wrong in order to win, you do that. And then you get caught, and people yell at you, and you just go, “I dunno!” I’m positive that’s what happened.

In other words, it’s just sports. Make like a blizzard and chill.