Chikpea the Super Bowl-Predicting Chicken Is Here to Predict the XLIX Champs

You already know who she picks.

Conan O’Brien is back, yet again, with Patriots coverage in his Tuesday night monologue, and this time Chikpea the Chicken returns with her predictions for Super Bowl picks. Chikpea, a “real” chicken, is most known for her World Series forecasts in 2014.

In this clip above, Chikpea is brought out on a pedestal with two small helmets filled with chicken feed. The idea is, says Conan, “whichever helmet she eats out of is the team she thinks will win the Super Bowl.” So we watch Chikpea tease us for a moment before deciding that a PowerPoint presentation would work best when describing her choice. The PowerPoint then turns into a bunch of other absurdities like photos of Chikpea on vacation, and “chicken porn.”

But, of course, by the end Chickpea ducks from her hay-stacked pedestal and returns wearing a Patriots helmet. That’s right, we thought so, Chikpea.