Welcome, J.Law

It’s true: Jennifer Lawrence will be in town this month working on her latest film. To celebrate her arrival, we created a custom travel guide.

Jennifer Lawrence, OMG! So beyond pumped that you’re back in Boston after American Hustle to film the David O. Russell flick Joy.

Since you have leading-lady status this time around, we’re sure your days on set will be long. If you’re itching for a drink (or three) to take the edge off, we recommend heading to Davio’s on Arlington Street, where the bartenders are such huge fans of your Hunger Games character, Katniss Everdeen, that they’ve invented a cocktail in her honor: “Keel Katniss’s Flame” ($12), featuring cinnamon schnapps, orange and cranberry juice, and—you guessed it—Keel vodka. If cognac, triple sec, limoncello, and lime juice are more your speed, try their “Mockingjay” ($12) instead.

Speaking of Katniss, we wouldn’t want your archery skills to atrophy while you’re in town. You can practice at Ace Archers, in Foxboro, with a new Black Widow “KB X Exotic” one-piece bow in tulip wood with Osage limbs (starting at $1,230)—a weapon that archery coach Tom Herrington assures us is top of the line—perfect for target practice, hunting, and scaring the bejesus out of pesky paparazzi.

Of course, once you’ve wrapped Joy, you’ll need a gown for the premiere (and perhaps the—knock wood—Academy Awards?). Aware of your adoration for all things Dior, local stylist Nathalie Fanfan has already picked out a vintage silk number. If you provide the materials, Brookline dressmaker Boonsom Pasooktham, of Bonnie’s Boutique, could make a custom reproduction for you ($3,000). Then learn how to do the red carpet sans stumbles (Oscar-worthy heels are a bitch) by signing up for a walking and stage-presentation class offered by the former Miss New Jersey USA titleholders of Beauty Marked. Afterall, you can’t flip off backstage cameras mid-fall, now can you? (You tell ’em, J. Law.)