Conan, Rob Gronkowski, and Marshawn Lynch Play ‘Mortal Kombat X’

The Clueless Gamers go completely bananas.

Leave it to Conan O’Brien to put Rob Gronkowski and Marshawn Lynch in the same room.

Before the two take the field for Super Bowl XLIX, Conan brought them together for a segment on his show called “Clueless Gamer,” where he and special guests test out a new video game.

Gronk, Beast Mode, and Coco play the yet-to-be-released “Mortal Kombat X,” and it is easily the most raucous, out-of-control Clueless Gamer segment yet.

Firstly, the video game itself is unsettlingly gory. All three are shocked by the blood and guts in the game. Lynch even pretends to stand up and leave after a character’s intestines fall out.

“That’s nasty. Y’all trippin’, man.”

At one point during the session, Conan is so overwhelmed that Lynch brings out a giant bag of his favorite candy, Skittles, for him to snack on.

“You might need to taste the rainbow, man.”

Turns out, Lynch prefers Mario Kart. He explains he likes to drive as Toad.

Gronk adds with childlike enthusiasm that he’d be Bowser and knock Lynch over.

Lynch: “You gotta get a mushroom or a lightning bolt to make it little first… See, I get that little blimp that come over… that little boop boop.”

Conan is rendered speechless, which happens several times throughout the video.

Somehow, Gronk walks away from the segment looking like the most mature one of the group, and that’s including his multiple crotch jokes, calling Conan Lynch’s bitch, and rattling off a whole bunch of promos for Lipitor, which he admittedly has no idea what it is.

At the beginning of the video, Conan describes the occasion as “what might be our biggest and most intense Clueless Gamer yet.”

He is absolutely right.