Gisele Bundchen Is Shooting a Commercial Around Town

For a South American department store called Falabella.


While everyone else is all revved up about the Super Bowl on Sunday, Tom Brady’s wife is popping up in various places around town taking care of real business. Supermodel and super-mom Gisele Bundchen is shooting a commercial around town for a South American department store called Falabella, and was recently spotted on a production site at South End Buttery.

“Gisele was there for about two or three hours, for the later part of the afternoon,” Richard Gordon, owner of the cafe, bar, and grill on Shawmut Avenue, told Boston. “She [appears] to be the face of the department store.”

The Buttery’s pastry chef, Amy Beeman, decorated Patriots-themed sugar cookies in light of the Super Bowl, and personally approached Bundchen with some of the treats. Gordon said Bundchen “was very gracious.”

The commercial was shot on the corner of Union Park and Shawmut looking into the large, charming front window of Buttery. She was filming with a little girl resembling her daughter, Gordon said, with lots of pastries and cupcakes.

Gordon also alluded to production booked at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross on Washington Street also on Thursday, but it appears as though it was just used for a catering and lunching location. The cathedral rector, Kevin O’Leary, was hoping to give Bundchen Patriots rosary beads if he crossed her path.

According to Gordon, Bundchen is in Brookline Friday continuing her shoot. Old Harbor Productions, a locally based production company out of Allston, continues leading the shooting.