Danny Amendola Gives Will Ferrell the Bill Belichick Treatment

Plus, Super Bowl Superlatives and more from the Tonight Show.

The best parts of Jimmy Fallon’s post-Super Bowl edition of the Tonight Show were certainly the all-star Brady Bunch-style rendition of “We Are the Champions” and the lip sync battle with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart.

But Ferrell had another thing coming when a few Patriots players visited the show, fresh off their Super Bowl win. After Danny Amendola, Brandon LaFell, and LeGarrette Blount took their seats, Fallon pointed out that Ferrell was wearing a Seahawks sweater.

“I didn’t catch the game,” Ferrell joked. “I’m all about the Pro Bowl.”

Amendola replied, “Actually, Coach Belichick gave me strict orders to [pass along] a little fashion tip for you.”

He swiftly took out a pair of scissors, walked over to Ferrell, and cut the sleeves off of his sweatshirt, Bill Belichick-style.

“I know you’re on that West Coast living, but over on the East Coast, we do things a little differently,” Amendola said.

“Oh, is this to show off the guns?” Ferrell asked.

No, no it is not.

Also during the special, Fallon presented a Super Bowl edition of “Tonight Show Superlatives,” where he awarded various Patriots and Seahawks players yearbook-style titles including the following:

Tom Brady: Most Inflated Balls

Rob Gronkowski: Most Likely to Be the Love Child of Vin Diesel and a Newborn Baby

Michael Hoomanawanui: Most Likely to Be the Sound That Guys Made When They Saw Katy Perry’s Outfit Tonight

Danny Amendola: Most Likely to Look Exactly the Same If His Eyes and Eyebrows Switched Places (They do it, and it kind of works!)

Cameron Fleming: Most Likely to Undress a Milky Way Bar with His Eyes

Malcolm Butler: Most Likely to Never Have to Buy a Drink in Boston Again (So true!)

Watch Ferrell get the “Belichick special” above. Watch the Superlatives segment below: