Chris Evans Proves Himself As a Skilled Photobomber

Watch him clown around at the Super Bowl with Jimmy Fallon and Chris Pratt.

Whoever says photobombs are annoying, maybe let’s consider that it’s not really about the photobomb—it’s about the photobomber. Because if Chris Evans, Jimmy Fallon, and Chris Pratt are the pranksters, we’ll allow it.

Fallon, who held The Tonight Show in Arizona following the Super Bowl, set up a fake photo-op for fans before the game. But actually, the set served as a stage for his “Tonight Show Celebrity Photobomb” segment, in which Fallon, Captain America, and Star-Lord popped out behind curtains right as the camera snapped.

They sneak up behind groups, couples, and kids, and Pratt attempts to put a giant hoagie into his fly for one couple’s cute hugging photo. Three-person piggy-backs were also their go-to’s. And the results are hilarious.