Mark Wahlberg Professed His Undying Love for Tom Brady

After the Super Bowl, obviously.

associated press

Associated Press

In a series of Vines and videos originally posted on Barstool, the Patriots were mic’d up before, during, and after the Super Bowl, and the audios had every New England fan feeling all the feels.

In this one below, Mark Wahlberg made his way onto the field, and the camera captured this exchange between the two.

Wahlberg: “You’re the best ever. EVER. You know that?”

Brady: “I don’t know about that—”

Wahlberg: “Fuck that—EVER.”

Brady: “—I love ya—”

Wahlberg: “EVER!”

Please don’t doubt Mark Wahlberg on his internal ranking of NFL quarterbacks. Better yet, please don’t doubt Mark Wahlberg—EVER.

While we’re at it, take a look at the other mic’d up moments—that is, if you’re down for getting real emotional real fast at your cubical right now. Brady’s intense and scary pre-game speech, Edelman and Brady’s exchange of “I love you”s, Brady’s pep talks, Pete Carroll’s big “OH NO!”, and more are over at Barstool.