Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Visit Christopher’s Haven Together [Updated]

Star-Lord and Captain America live up to the standards of their Super Bowl bet.


After Chris Evans bested Chris Pratt in their ultimate “Twitterbowl” bet, the actors lived up to the standards of their Avengers/Gaurdians of the Galaxy faceoff. While the terms of their Super Bowl bet said the loser would go to a children’s hospital of the winner’s choice dressed in his respective costume, they decided—like the superheroes they are—to visit hospitals in both Boston and Seattle.

So on Friday morning, the two attended Christopher’s Haven in Boston on Friday, visiting children in the cancer center in the West End. Pratt posted a series of photos from their on his Facebook:


Christopher’s Haven also posted a bunch of photos on Twitter:

While Evans is from the Boston area and likely sticking around, Pratt is also in town today to attend his celebrations as Hasty Pudding’s Man of the Year. He’ll be at Farkas Hall in Harvard Square later this afternoon for festivities, including a celebratory roast for the actor, and a press conference.