Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

A last-minute teddy bear from CVS? Don't be that person. Here are 14 items your sweetheart would be happy to unwrap this Valentine's Day.

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For Him: The Perfect Wallet from Ball and Buck

The quality of this leather accessory is right in the name. Ball and Buck’s perfect wallet is made out of Red Wing Leather from Minnesota. Made in various colors, each is available in “Blaze” as well, featuring their signature orange stitching. | $78,

For Her: Jewelry from Ore

A little bling—unless she’s angling for a very specific ring—is never a bad gift idea. Consider a stop at Sophie Hughes’s shop, where you’re sure to find the perfect one-of-a-kind item for your one-of-a-kind gal. And yes, Ore has engagement and wedding rings too. |


For Him: Livescribe + Moleskine

As with some other items on this list, here’s a gift that certainly isn’t gender specific. For the organized and tech-savvy notetaker in your life, buy a Livescribe pen and compatible Moleskine notebook. The smartpen and dot paper work together to digitize your handwritten notes. | $180 for pen and notebook,

For Her: Silk Notebooks from Hermes

Hermes debuted this new writing collection last year, which features four beautiful notebooks covered with typically vivid silk patterns. While their Valentine’s Day scarves go for $435, these notebooks are a bit more affordable. | $115,


For Him: Harry’s Winston Set

Keep your guy kissably clean cut and gift him a starter kit from Harry’s, which includes one razor handle, three German-engineered blade cartridges, a travel blade cover, and nourishing foaming shave gel. | $25,, available at

For Her: Zodiac Oval Soap from Fresh

Any soap, scent, scrub, etc. from Fresh would make a great Valentine’s Day gift, but if nothing in their Gift Bar is striking your fancy, consider a slightly more personalized oval soap that represents your partner’s zodiac sign. The limited-edition soaps come with an exclusive horoscope and beauty tips from famed astrologer Susan Miller, which you can read online too. | $15,


For Him: Under Armour Boxerjock

Sure, you could buy your guy any boxers with hearts on them and call it a day, but for your athletic beau, consider Under Armour’s limited edition Valentine’s Day Boxerjock. The Xs and Os are a bit of a stretch for V-Day, but UA earns an A for (marketing) effort—the Valentine’s Boxerjocks are already sold out on their main site. | $25,

For Her: Lingerie from Forty Winks

Listen boys, you can bravely venture into Victoria’s Secret if you dare, but for a more high-end and discreet shopping experience, visit Forty Winks in Cambridge, where the selection ranges from cute sets to skimpy slips. |


For Him: Nintendo 3DS XL

Buy your boyfriend a bright red new Nintendo 3DS, and he’ll think of what a cool chick you are whenever he’s killing time on the T. | $200,

For Her: Earmuff Headphones

The original act of gallantry, throwing one’s coat over a puddle for a lady to walk over, is dead in Boston, where it’s every woman for herself, especially in winter. But not your lady. Gift her fashionable earmuff headphones so that even when you’re not there, she can be both warm and entertained. | $50,


For Him: Swiss Army Knife

For your DIY everything guy, nothing beats a handy-dandy Swiss Army Knife. We like the red and Shamrock classics, but to really impress, opt for one of the Slim Jetsetters, which comes with a USB drive, available in 8GB and 32 GBs. | $100 for 32GB Slim Jetsetter,

For Her: The Local Branch Blanket

Perfect for picnics and camping, the Diamond Blanket by the Local Branch comes with adjustable leather straps for easy carrying. They’re five-by-seven and available in eight different patterns, perfect for cuddling by the fire. | $98,, available at


For Him: Cocktail R-Evolution Molecular Mixology Kit

From bubble mojitos to layered martinis, this kit by Molecule-R comes with everything your beau needs to make 30 wild cocktails. The science-project-like activity will make him feel like a kid again, except for the drinking part, of course. | $50,

For Her: Chocolates from EH Chocolatier

When it comes to chocolate, EH has never let us down. From dark chocolate hearts to their Valentine’s Day bonbon collection, EH’s confections are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. |



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