The Boston Yeti Is Back to Brighten Up Winter Storm Marcus

The Yeti was spotted shoveling snow and running through Eastie.

Of all the wonderfully bizarre things to happen on a snow day, our fair city gets the Boston Yeti.

During Winter Storm Juno, someone started appearing around town decked out in full-on Yeti attire, inspiring wonder and joy in locals and national media alike.

Now, amidst Winter Storm Marcus, currently in the middle of dropping two more feet of snow on the city, he or she is back. Arguably the best thing to happen all winter long, the Boston Yeti has been spotted shoveling out neighbor’s parking spots and running around Eastie.

The Boston Yeti is a bona fide local celebrity now—not to mention a hero to whomever’s car the Yeti shoveled out. Fans on Twitter are asking for the do-gooder to “Come visit us in [blank neighborhood]!” so don’t be stunned (just be delighted) if you happen to see this fellow strolling about town.

And don’t worry, parents, this Abominable Snowman is anything but dangerous. In an earlier interview with Boston, the Boston Yeti was as amiable as ever and claimed to be a vegan.

You can follow the Boston Yeti online at @BostonYeti2015.