Julian Edelman and Malcolm Butler Were the Grammys’ Most Endearing Dandies

So much dapper.

Associated Press

Associated Press

Now that America has endured the absolute mess that was the 2015 Grammy Awards, we can now collectively look back on the very, very few aspects that held any real significance. And it all begins with Julian Edelman and Malcolm Butler gracing the ceremony looking dapper.

Josh Duhamel tripped onto the stage with the other two in tow, and congratulated them on winning the Super Bowl while the rest of New England sat back all smug. Edelman said something charming and turned to Butler, cueing his line.

Butler hesitated then decided he wasn’t going to speak. It would have come off as extremely clumsy if Edelman didn’t find it so amusing:


And then it came time to present the award and this happened:


So clever! So uncalculated! We are lucky to have such first-rate studs on our team of champions.

As for other natives repping Massachusetts, Meghan Trainor adorned the stage for the first time with Nick Jonas, sans Jo-Bros, to present Best Country Album. She unfortunately credited her roots to Nashville instead of Nantucket, which we will not hold against her at this moment. Perhaps she too is sick of unwelcome Massachusetts jokes associated with her name. (In this case, she’s forgiven.)

But Trainor, a three-time nominee for her song “All About That Bass,” did not leave with any trophies on Sunday night, and nor did Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who was nominated for her audiobook. Warren’s category was announced prior to the award ceremony.

But because the Grammy Awards are filled with all sorts of talented artists and also those who love attention, another situation happened when Beyonce lost Record of the Year to Beck. And just like that, it was 2009 again and Kanye West stormed the stage to defend Beyonce once more:


A look of genuine turmoil flashed across Jay Z’s face before seeing Kanye turn away from the stage. He was just kidding:


But instead Kanye saved his holier-than-thou words for E!’s after party. Respect the artistry, Beck:


But if the Grammys provided any solid, worthy performance on Sunday night, it was the collaboration between Kanye, Rihanna, and Paul McCartney. An unlikely group, but the song is incredible. See the performance below: