Jimmy Fallon Accurately Illustrates Our Feelings About D.C.’s Four Inches of Snow

Are you f*cking kidding me?


Well, at least somebody understands the pain, exhaustion, and overall MBTA angst Boston has been suffering through these past four weeks.

“People are still talking about the rough weather we’re having here. The Northeast is experiencing one of the worst winters in history. Which means that schools have had a record number of snow days,” Jimmy Fallon started off in Tuesday night’s Tonight Show monologue. “At this rate, the only math kids are doing is how many glasses of wine their mom drinks before 2 p.m.”

Then he gets to the point.

“It seems like everyone is affected by the snow—in fact schools and federal offices in Washington D.C. were shut down today after the city received four inches of snow in their first major snow storm of the season. Or as Boston residents put it…”


“‘Four inches of snow? I left for work this morning out of a second-story window, cowboy up!'”

Honestly, D.C., spare us.