Neil Patrick Harris Salutes Matt and Ben’s Bromance in His Oscars Opener

Watch the full performance.

Everyone had high hopes for Neil Patrick Harris as this year’s Oscars host, and he seemed to win over the audience from the get-go. His opening number on Sunday night featured a whole bunch of tributes to historic movies, actors, and actresses, defending the concept of a Hollywood classic.

Living legends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were paid tribute, and NPH poked fun at their “tension” acting together.

NPH even tried his hand at an Oprah joke which went, uh, about as well as it could have:

“Congratulations to all of the nominees, in particular the eight Best Picture nominees. They have all grossed over $600 million. American Sniper alone is responsible for over $300 million of that. To put that in perspective: everyone on this side is the seven other nominees. And American Sniper is Oprah—because you’re rich.”

Her response:


No need to remind Oprah that Oprah is rich, dude.