Adam Levine Knows How to Win Over a Boston Crowd

By saying the Lakers suck, of course.

Many sports fans live and die by their team. For some, that means getting a tattoo. For others, it means decorating or painting their home in the team’s colors. Still, others take the whole sports fandom thing to heart, and can feel depressed when their team loses or trades a favorite player.

But for Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, who graced the TD Garden concert stage last night with his band, being in Boston at the home of the Celtics was the perfect time for him to bring up the storied Celtics-Lakers rivalry. Granted, neither his beloved Lakers nor our cherished Celtics have a winning record right now, but for those of us who grew up in the ’80s, it’s still fun to chant “Beat LA!”

Levine, who is a California native and a huge Lakers fan—he can be seen sitting courtside on the regular—tried to make nice with the TD Garden crowd by making a joke along the lines that both teams are awful this year, so at least we have something in common. Actually, Mr. Levine, your Lakers are awful, while our Celtics are showing signs of life. Plus, the Lakers only have 16 wins (as of Wednesday) while the Celtics have 23.

Still, while Levine is used to sitting under championship banners (the Lakers have 16), performing under all 17 of the Celtics’ banners had to hurt a little. The two teams have met in the championship 12 times—a record across all major sports.

Below, watch Levine make nice with the hometown crowd:

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