‘Arts On Our Avenues’ to Showcase Allston’s Art and Culture

The event will have food, music, art, and a keynote address from Boston's new Chief of Arts and Culture, Julie Burros.

Arts On Our Avenues

Photograph courtesy of Allston Village Main Streets

Allston Village Main Streets, a nonprofit organization dedicated to boosting local art, dining, culture, and business within the neighborhood, will host its first ever “Arts On Our Avenues” March 9. The event will transform Brighton Music Hall into a gallery featuring art, music, and food from local artists and vendors, as well as a keynote address from Julie Burros, Boston’s new Chief of Arts and Culture.

“For the last 10 years, AVMS has invested around $15,000 in bringing art to the public streets of Allston,” says Alana Olsen, the executive director of Allston Village Main Streets. “[This event] is to celebrate that and to help us gear up for our next big steps.”

Attendees can expect work from 15 different Boston-based artists as well as food from four Allston vendors: Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, Garlic ’n’ Lemons, Lulu’s Allston, and BonChon. The evening’s soundtrack will be set by local artists Bryan Murphy, known for his work as the frontman for The Shills, solo artist Matthew Connor, and D.J. Leah McFly.

Olsen says the event will also provide a venue for Burros, as the new Chief of Arts and Culture, and Allston, as a neighborhood and center for art and culture, to become acquainted with one another.

“The idea behind this was that I really wanted Julie to come and experience Allston,” Olsen says. “Allston is such an important cultural hub in our city, and really, I don’t think we get a lot of street cred on that. I really just wanted to show her what we’re made of.”

The event is free, but a donation of $20.15 is suggested in order to support the future ventures conducted through Allston Village Main Streets.

“We wanted to give everyone who comes an opportunity to help contribute to making public art happen in Allston,” Olsen says. “Allston Village Main Streets not only commissions most of the public art in Allston, but also pays to maintain it, which is a significant investment.”

The night will include live painting from artist Ian “Sanity” Tartasky, as well as a collaborative art piece to which all attendees are welcome to contribute.

In addition to showcasing Allston’s local talent, Arts On Our Avenues will recognize some of the neighborhood’s most significant contributors and businesses. Gregg Bernstein, who is responsible for more than 10 of Allston’s murals, will receive the Washington Award for Artistic Achievement, while Lea Beaulieu will be recognized as the 2014 Volunteer of the Year for her extensive work with Allston Village Main Streets’s projects and events. LuLu’s Allston, one of the food vendors attending the event, will receive the 2014 Business of the Year Award.

“I think it’s really important that we celebrate and honor people’s contributions to our community, and this is really going to be a great venue to do that,” Olsen says.


Art On Our Avenues will take place on Monday, March 9, 6:30 p.m. at Brighton Music Hall. Find a full list of artists and vendors on Facebook.