Here’s the New Entourage Trailer Starring Rob Gronkowski’s Twerk

Plus: equally important things like Tom Brady's paperboy cap and Mark Wahlberg's endearing rudeness.

Alas, a new Entourage trailer is here, and all of New England’s best friends have come together to entertain. Tom Brady makes a cameo, along with Rob Gronkowski’s twerk and Mark Wahlberg’s endearing rudeness.


The Wahlberg-produced movie based on the HBO series hits theaters this June, and the original squad—Vinny Chase, “E” Murphy, Turtle, and Johnny Drama—is back. It’s been five years since the show ended, but even still, the lads are prepared to wreak havoc on Hollywood and still come out on top, because a day in the life of Vinny Chase is not real life at all.

And don’t forget: Sloan is pregnant, Lloyd is engaged, and Ari Gold is absolutely not having any of it.

Entourage hits theaters on June 5, 2015.