Ben Affleck Makes Batman Joke at Senate Hearing

Good one, Ben!

Ben Affleck, Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI) Founder, Opening Statement at Senate hearing on Diplomacy. Watch the complete hearing here:

Posted by C-SPAN on Thursday, March 26, 2015


Hero of Gotham and model philanthropist Ben Affleck testified before the Senate on Thursday to speak on behalf of his founding organization, the Eastern Congo Initiative. While these sort of things are usually strictly business, Affleck, who looked slightly nervous (Alas, stars are just like us! See: that paper clip), cast a joke about Batman.

As he addressed the members of the panel, he turned to Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy (who made a cameo in The Dark Knight Rises).

Affleck said, “I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge my costar in Batman. The role is marginally smaller than mine, but I understand that you are quite good.” Leahy laughed.

Affleck founded the Eastern Congo Initiative back in 2010, an organization working to improve economy and development in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In early 2014, Affleck spoke before the Senate on behalf of the Initiative, and in 2013, he teamed up with TOMS to create a collaborative shoe line to support the organization.

This year, Affleck was recognized several times throughout awards season as the ideal do-gooder, receiving humanitarian trophies at the People’s Choice Awards and the Writers Guild Awards.