Versatile Talent Rob Gronkowski Is Playing a Cop in an Upcoming Movie

Gronk doing Gronk things.

On set today with these guys! #Gronk #Patriots #YouCantHaveIt #ActorsLife

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Practiced fun-seeker Rob Gronkowski is further indulging in his talents outside of the realms of sporting and twerking. Following his anticipated cameo in the new Entourage movie due out this summer, Gronk is back on that acting train with plans to play a cop in a new low-budget movie called You Can’t Have It.

According to the Herald, the movie is a “murder mystery that takes place on an about-to-shut-down bar’s last night,” and stars Real Housewives of Miami model Joanna Krupa. In these stills from the movie, he’s pictured arresting Krupa alongside his brother Dan Gronkowski, who also plays a cop.

While specific details about the movie are under wraps, the most loyal Gronk groupies otherwise known as TMZ tracked down Gronkowski on the streets of L.A.—the latest stop on the extensive Gronk Superbowl Celebration Tour—on a few different occasions to ask about his role as “Officer Weadon.” Gronkowski tells the paps that he didn’t really audition for the role thanks to his manager Henry Penzi, a Mark Wahlberg sidekick.

Gronkowski also made some rather newsworthy headlines last week when he appeared on Showtime’s Jim Rome Show. Gronkowski, a dating sophisticate, told Rome that his ideal wife will be the type of person who “cleans, cooks, makes big cash, stays at home, and let’s me do whatever I want.” Impressive.