A First Look at Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger in Black Mass

What a transformation.

Johnny Depp is known for wildly transforming his appearance for colorful roles—some great, some not-so-much. But his recent take on Southie crime boss Whitey Bulger is drawing favorable reactions from audiences. CinemaCon got its first glimpse at clips from Black Mass, the forthcoming biopic about Bulger and his reign in South Boston, and Variety reports that he’s almost unrecognizable.

In shown scenes, Whitey is at a dinner table with FBI supervisor John Morris, played by David Harbour. Depp has “piercing blue eyes, combed back blonde hair, and a fearsome intensity,” Variety reporter Dave McNary writes.

Black Mass, based on the book written by Globe journalists Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill, was shot in and around Boston in 2014. The movie held a local casting call for extras last April, and the Boston University Band also shot a special cameo in a St. Patrick’s Day Parade scene in June.

As far as casting goes, Black Mass landed quite a few of Hollywood’s most-wanted. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Whitey’s law-abiding brother Billy Bulger, and Joel Edgerton plays John Connolly, the corrupt FBI agent working for Whitey. Breaking Bad’s Jesse Plemmons takes on Whitey’s partner Kevin Weeks, Sienna Miller plays his lover Catherine Greig, and Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson is Whitey’s girlfriend and mother to his only child Lindsey Cyr.

Above is an exclusive first look from Entertainment Weekly, and below from People magazine.


Black Mass hits theaters September 18.