Simple Guy Chris Evans Is a Massachusetts Family Man

On the Tonight Show, he talks about living at home in Sudbury since wrapping up Avengers.

Continuing on the Avengers: Age of Ultron press tour of delirious A-listers is simple guy of the Massachusetts ‘burbs Chris Evans. On Thursday’s Tonight Show, he talks moving home to Sudbury after wrapping on Avengers last September, and spending a lot of time with his toddler nephew, a little dude who is rather picky about liking things.

“He’s very much like me in the sense where he is very particular about what he likes, more appropriately what he doesn’t like,” Evans said. “He has the same speech impediment I had where the L’s and the R’s turn into W’s, so it ends up ‘I don’t wike it, I don’t wike it.'” At least the boy didn’t pick up ‘wicked’?

And staying true to his family-guy form, here’s Chris Evans playing flip cup with his brother and Avengers press tour groupie Scott.