Kevin Spacey Is Obsessed with Us

We totally get it.

Kevin Spacey is obsessed with us. He said it, basically. Well, maybe not those exact words, but in his latest interview with Ellen, he absolutely gushed over how great this city is, and we were all, We know! Thank you so much!

“I have a really strong connection to the city of Boston,” Spacey said on the show. “I shot a couple of movies there; we did Social Network there, we did 21 there, I got a lot of friends there. It’s got a great theater community. I go there all the time.”

This is true. In case you didn’t know, Spacey is an established pioneer of Public Garden photobombs.

He went on to tell the story about the puppy he adopted when he visited the city following the marathon bombings. He named the puppy Boston, obviously, and radiated with joy when he said, “I named her in honor of the city.”

Kevin Spacey, you’re making us blush.