Pop TV’s Sing It On to Feature Two of Northeastern’s A Cappella Groups

It's like real-life Pitch Perfect. Prepare to be pitch-slapped.


Welcome to real-life Pitch Perfect where dreams are made by an unmatched pop mash-up, relentless skedaddling, and being an irrefutable and completely reserved a-ca-bitch. It’s your new favorite TV show. You don’t have to thank us.

Pop TV is bringing an a cappella reality show to its Wednesday night lineup starting May 13. Sing It On, produced by singer/song-writer/celebrated married man John Legend, follows a handful of singing groups from around the country as they handle rehearsing for the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella while also being studious, social wunderkinds. Yes, it’s a hard life live. And two of Northeastern University’s finest a cappella groups are living to document the tale.

One of two are the Nor’easters, 2013 ICCA champions, seasoned tourers, and all-around established group in the a cappella scene. They’d be like the Treblemakers in the fictional scenario. Pop TV says their biggest issue is going to be replacing all their graduated members with newbies who may or may not know what they’re doing.

Here’s who we’re dealing with. These folks are no joke.

Then there’s Pitch, Please!, an all-girls team new to the ICCA stage. They’re the Pippa to the Nor’easters’ Kate, living in their shadow on Northeastern’s campus even though they’re really good. They’re known for their black ensemble with signature gold heels, which is a sure sign that they project just the appropriate amount of diva-ness. Also, Pitch, Please! started a Kickstarter to help fund their first full length album.

And here they are.

As for the rest of the groups, you’ll see two of Florida State’s rivals The AcaBelles and All-Night Yahtzee, and also No Comment out of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Let the epic fight for the gold begin.


Sing It On airs on Pop TV, Wednesday, May 13 at 10 p.m.