Chrissy Teigen on Bill Belichick: ‘Poor Guy’

Our Patriots coach couldn't not admire Chrissy Teigen's butt when the opportunity presented itself.

Despite many reports about his demeanor that claim otherwise, rumored cyborg Bill Belichick is, in fact, only human. This news is understandably shocking to most.

At the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday, the Patriots coach was caught in the act of getting a good glance at model Chrissy Teigen’s behind. The gesture, though rather subtle, was indeed a telltale sign that Belichick is a fairly normal male being. “Hell yeah, Billy! I knew it! I knew you could to it!” Tom Brady likely texted him later.

John Legend, Teigen’s singer husband, acknowledged the action on social media in the form of Spygate shade. While said comment is an allusion to a sensitive topic for most Pats fans, the observation remains basically, yet substantially, funny.

Billboard later asked Chrissy Teigen about the White House dinner: Did you feel Bill Belichick staring? “I did not. Actually, there were many more people in that group who should be called out. Poor guy,” she said with a rightful humblebrag. Yes, poor Belichick indeed.

“If anything, they were probably like, ‘Why the f— is this bitch standing in front of us?’ That’s [probably] what they were thinking,” Teigen added.

Belichick has yet to comment on the matter himself, but the media can predict that any and all questions pertaining to Chrissy Teigen’s backside will have the following reaction:

i don't know

We shall see.