Best of the Day: I Am Big Bird – May 18, 2015

Who’s the man in the bird suit? A new documentary takes a look at 81-year-old Muppeteer (and Waltham native) Caroll Spinney.

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Caroll Spinney in I Am Big Bird

Caroll Spinney, as featured in documentary I Am Big Bird / Courtesy photo

The magic of the Muppets is that, with a little puppeteer alchemy, suddenly a heap of gaudy yellow feathers and a pile of green faux fur transform into a character capable of becoming as indelibly etched into our memory as any living person. If Sesame Street was part of your childhood (and considering the show’s incredible 45-year run, that would account for pretty much everyone reading this), just hearing the voice of Oscar the Grouch singing “I Love Trash” is enough to send us into a Proustian reverie. And for that, we can thank Caroll Spinney, the 81-year-old puppeteer who’s been playing Oscar and Big Bird on Sesame Street since 1969. You need only read Spinney’s Reddit AMA—in which he recounts his heartbreaking encounter with a terminally ill 5-year-old—to understand the impact of his work over the decades. Now there’s a new documentary devoted to the man inside the bird suit.

A Waltham native, Spinney got his start in television on the Boston broadcast of Bozo’s Big Top. Soon after, he attracted the notice of Jim Henson, later landing a spot on Sesame Street. What happened next is chronicled in a new documentary, I Am Big Bird. With last Saturday marking the 25th anniversary of Henson’s untimely death, I Am Big Bird shows us how Spinney, now one of Sesame Street’s longest-running cast members, continues to carry the torch. The film opened at the Brattle this weekend; tonight is your last chance to catch Big Bird on the big screen.

$8-$11, May 18, 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle St., Cambridge, 617-876-6837,