Bring on Summer

Crossing the Bourne Bridge, catching the sun on the ferry, and watching for shooting stars from a moonlit beach. Do New England summers get any better? Yes, if adventure is what you seek. From surfing to off-roading, we uncovered secret ways to explore the Cape, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard.

new england summer guide 2015

The mansion at Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club. (Photograph by Jonathan Kozowyk)

What We Did on Our Summer Vacation

Journalism is hard work, especially when you’re forced to investigate summer fun on the Cape and islands—a task that requires long, intensive study of area beaches and nights collecting data on local bars. Sure, we took plenty of notes, but now we can’t read our own handwriting. And it took us forever to figure out how to balance a laptop and a beer while sitting poolside. To say nothing of the glare.

Our base camp for all of this heavy lifting was the well-positioned and flat-out gorgeous Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club in Brewster, where we spent the week sipping cocktails on the outdoor deck, pontificating under the stars (managing editor Brittany Jasnoff may or may not have caught a glimpse of her first meteor), and walking the 429-acre property that provided plenty of parking for executive editor Rachel Slade’s rented Harley-Davidson. This summer, the resort is teaming up with Cape Cod Beer to produce its own pale ale. So we’ll be back.

boston staff

From left: the wake of the Nantucket ferry; executive editor Rachel Slade on her rented Harley; a hole-in-one at Harbor Lights Mini Golf. (Photographs by Jonathan Kozowyk)

Everyone has their Cape rituals, and in between adventures, Boston’s editorial staff managed to find ours: mixed drinks and nachos at the Beachcomber (with since-departed senior editors Janelle Nanos and Courtney Hollands), followed by a hike down the dunes and a dip in the surf at Cahoon Hollow. At dusk, an ice cream dinner at Cobie’s in Brewster, where senior editor S.I. Rosenbaum pulled the pro move of getting her scoop served in a plastic baseball helmet. The nightcap: a double feature at the historical Wellfleet Drive-In, which sources say included a flask in a paper bag and a certain editor in chief snoring through most of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

On day two, we met up with Slade’s surfing instructor, artist Andrew Jacob, to get some culture in P-town, where a simple gallery hop turned into a full afternoon of meets-and-greets with local purveyors, who often stepped out into the sun on Commercial Street to catch us up on art-world chatter.

The one thing we learned in the months hence: that suffering Boston’s brutal winter yields untold rewards if you head down to the Cape and islands come summer.

new england summer guide 2015

Clockwise from top, Colin McGuire at the McGuire Gallery, on Commercial Street in Provincetown; scootering around Nantucket; surf instructor/artist Andrew Jacob in P-town with his son, Drew. (Photographs by Jonathan Kozowyk)

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