Pick a Kid

With NKOTB coming to the TD Garden this month, we asked Boston notables which kid was their fave.

“Donnie was the bad boy…something we both have in common and that I find, like, super wicked adorable.” Joseph Reitman, actor, The Perfect Storm

“That’s an impossible decision.” Marty Walsh, mayor of Boston

“Can I get lost in the Caribbean tide pools of Joey’s eyes like every other red-blooded American woman? Sure.” —Jamie Denbo, actor, Yes Man

“Joey McIntyre.” —Taylor Schilling, actress, Orange Is the New Black

“Buzzfeed told me that Donnie Wahlberg is my ‘spirit animal’…. I guess MassChallenge is a place where I can unleash my ‘inner Donnie.’” —John Harthorne, founder and CEO, MassChallenge

“I was more into Bono and U2.” —Jay Ash, secretary of Housing and Economic Development

“Donnie for me. I actually grew up a couple blocks away from him and his family on Savin Hill in Dorchester. Never met them.” —Patrick Renna, actor, Sandlot