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New Kids on the Block

NKOTB Photo by Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

“Donnie was the bad boy…something we both have in common and that I find, like, super wicked adorable.” Joseph Reitman, actor, The Perfect Storm

“That’s an impossible decision.” Marty Walsh, mayor of Boston

“Can I get lost in the Caribbean tide pools of Joey’s eyes like every other red-blooded American woman? Sure.” —Jamie Denbo, actor, Yes Man

“Joey McIntyre.” —Taylor Schilling, actress, Orange Is the New Black

“Buzzfeed told me that Donnie Wahlberg is my ‘spirit animal’…. I guess MassChallenge is a place where I can unleash my ‘inner Donnie.’” —John Harthorne, founder and CEO, MassChallenge

“I was more into Bono and U2.” —Jay Ash, secretary of Housing and Economic Development

“Donnie for me. I actually grew up a couple blocks away from him and his family on Savin Hill in Dorchester. Never met them.” —Patrick Renna, actor, Sandlot

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