MTV Is Looking for the Dirtiest, Messiest Rooms in Boston

This is your chance, Allston.

Image via MTV International

Image via MTV International

MTV International is looking for some of the dirtiest, messiest rooms in Boston for its latest television series.

“Is your room full of junk, clutter, clothes and filth?” reads the casting call. “Does your roommate, partner or parent think you live like a slob? Are you a parent who nags your child to clean up their room? This is your chance to receive a room makeover!”

Those between the ages of 18 and 27 who would like to see their dirty laundry quite literally aired for all to see are encouraged to contact with their name, location, phone number, and a recent photo of the devastation.

Given Boston’s status as America’s premier college town, the city will have plenty to offer MTV, from the sprawling estates in Allston’s “G-A-P,” to the mountainside villas of Mission Hill. It’s a shame Redman doesn’t live in Boston, as he’d be a prime candidate for this sort of thing.