Best of the Day: Game Over – June 9, 2015

Gamers converge on Union Square’s Warehouse XI for a weekly night of video games, board games, and more.

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Game Over event flyer

After the disheartening announcements that Weirdo Records, Hollywood Express, and T.T. the Bear’s are all going the way of the dodo, you might be tempted to come to the grim conclusion that Boston just can’t have weird things anymore. But the news isn’t all bad: fans of geeky fun will be pleased to learn that not only is the Boston Zombie March lurching back to South Station this October, but also that Game Over—another event masterminded by Zombie March organizer Scott Trano—has found a new home.

With an assist from local startup GoBe Groups, the venerable nerd gathering has relaunched in Union Square’s Warehouse XI. The format should be familiar to Game Over regulars: Each week, folks can drop in and play games of all kinds—whether you’re looking to bust out a board game like Settlers of Catan, play Magic: The Gathering, get a Rock Band jam session going, or go retro with vintage Nintendo console classics. And stay tuned for the impending appearance of their custom MAME system, an emulator featuring “every arcade game ever” built into a vintage stand-up arcade cabinet.

Moving the event from a bar to Warehouse XI means more room to sprawl out on brought-in tables, couches, and chairs.

“It’s a 2,000-square-foot room, and we do it up,” says Trano. “It’s just refreshing to have our own space.”

And should you work up an appetite from all that dice-rolling and button-mashing, next-door neighbor Cantina La Mexicana will provide snacks for sale.

$10, June 9, 6-11 p.m., Warehouse XI, 11 Sanborn Ct., Somerville, 617-448-8490,