Best of the Day: Simpsons Trivia at Cuisine en Locale – June 16, 2015

This is no game of knifey-spooney—this is Simpsons Trivia.

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Simpsons Trivia

With recent news of Homer and Marge calling it quits (however temporarily) and Harry Shearer leaving us with a phony new voice for Mr. Burns, it seems that there’s much unrest in Springfield as we approach the 27th year of The Simpsons. If you long for the balm that is the show’s golden era—that is, pretty much anything that aired between 1989 and 2000—Cuisine en Locale’s got you covered tonight.

Launched back in February, in the middle of Boston’s 2015 snow crisis, the monthly Simpsons Trivia event at Cuisine en Locale puts fans’ inexhaustible ability to quote vintage Simpsons episodes to the test. “Most of the questions are Seasons 1 through 12, because those are the ones that people go back and re-watch,” says Simpsons Trivia night cohost David Virr.

And this is no “Everybody Gets a Trophy Day.” There are some serious prizes at stake. Winning teams get Cuisine en Locale gift certificates, and there’s also the option to bid on special one-of-a-kind items. “My girlfriend [Jacklyn Boyland] is very resourceful and crafty,” says Virr. As Simpsons Trivia night’s fellow cohost, Boyland “acquires and makes a lot of the smaller prizes,” like the doughnut air fresheners she found or the Millhouse glasses she made by “buying a bunch of cheap novelty red frames, and glue-gunning some blue felt on them for the big blue eyebrows of Millhouse.”

Cuisine en Locale is “very supportive in creating a space that cool stuff can happen in,” says Virr. For each event, Cuisine en Locale serves a special themed menu—come early for the Albany Steamed Hams and the You Do Win Friends with This Salad, and wash it down with a can of Duff (spoiler: it’s Narragansett).

Another reason to show up early? According to Virr, the event’s been such a hit that a recent Simpsons Trivia night ended up being standing-room-only. Don’t get left out of the No Homers Club.

Free, June 16, classic episodes screen at 7 p.m., trivia starts at 8 p.m., Cuisine en Locale, 156 Highland Ave., Somerville, 617.285.0167,