Taylor Schilling Delivers Her Best Boston Accent

On Late Night with Seth Meyers.


Seth Meyers had two guests out of our quarters on Thursday’s Late Night. While one of Boston’s favorite musicians James Taylor sang an original song about the Red Sox, Orange Is the New Black star Taylor Schilling sat down with Meyers to debrief their lovely New England youths. (Meyers is from New Hampshire, and, too, a die-hard Sox fan.)

The Boston accent, of course, was a natural topic of discussion. Schilling said, “I now sometimes I pretend I have one when I get [home] because everyone’s like, ‘Hey, how ya doin’, how’s ya mothah, how’s ya fathah?'”

Meyers added, “Because if you ask any other way like, ‘How’s your mother and your father?’ they don’t know what you’re saying.”

“And no one outside of Boston has that greeting for me either,” she said.

“Aggressive,” Meyers agreed. “Because if anything is wrong with your mother or your father, it’s your fault. ‘How’s ya mothah, how’s ya fathah? Ya lookin’ out for them? Ya takin’ care of ya mothah and ya fathah? They love you very much. Took very good care of you.'”

All so funny, yet incredibly accurate.