It’s Real Good to Be Gronk

Boston’s favorite human golden retriever delves into literature.

rob gronkowski

Illustration by Nigel Buchanan

Beloved tight end and twerker Rob Gronkowski is exploring his talents this month in a new arena: the literary arts. Gronk has penned an autobiography, and on July 14, his soulful words will be revealed for the world to read and attempt to decipher (see: @RobGronkowski).

While it clearly won’t be anything like A Gronking to Remember, It’s Good to Be Gronk promises an intimate look at Gronkowski’s life, which likely means we’ll see personal testimonies on working out, party bus-ing, and eating a lot. The best part? Derek Jeter’s publishing house (Objection! Outrage!) is releasing the book.

Gronk says he’ll write of making “big money to score touchdowns.” Literally? Figuratively? The deciphering begins.


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