New Black Mass Trailer is Darker, More Revealing

Well hello there, Billy Bulger.


“I need to know everything you know about the Winter Hill Gang, and specifically, what you know about your former boss, and now fugitive, James ‘Whitey’ Bulger.”

The newest trailer for the upcoming Johnny Depp flick Black Mass was released Thursday, finally giving us a glimpse of the film’s namesake: the unholy alliance between corrupt Boston FBI agent John Connolly and his boyhood pal from the streets of South Boston, underworld boss Whitey Bulger.

Actor Joel Edgerton bears uncanny resemblance to Connolly, whose 2008 murder conviction for leaking information to Bulger in 1982 was reinstated by a Florida appeals court Wednesday. In the trailer, Connolly is seen brokering deals with Bulger, as well as his brother, former state Senate President Billy Bulger, played by Benedict Cumberbatch: “We all need friends. Even Jimmy. Even you.”

Image via

Image via Warner Bros.

Depp’s Bulger is on full display, patrolling Southie, doing sit-ups, getting in bar fights (“Take your shot. But make it your best, because I get up, and I eat ya”). Corey Stoll, of House of Cards and The Strain fame, plays a skeptical Fred Wyshak of the FBI (“How come no one has nailed Whitey Bulger? He seems to be involved in every crime in this city, and yet the Bureau keeps saying he’s clean”)

Image via Warner Bros.

Image via Warner Bros.

Black Mass is slated for a September 18 release.