Jake Gyllenhaal Might Play Jeff Bauman in Film Adaptation of Stronger

No word yet on who will play Carlos Arredondo in the Lionsgate film.

jeff bauman

Jeff Bauman (right) pictured with Carlos Arredondo, the man who helped save his life two years ago. / Photo by Olga Khvan

In his book Stronger, released last year, Boston Marathon survivor Jeff Bauman recalls locking eyes with Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

“Saw the guy. Looked right at me,” he wrote down on a piece of paper the day after the bombings—temporarily unable to speak due to his extensive injuries—helping the FBI identify one of the suspects and setting off a massive manhunt.

Last summer, news broke that Lionsgate would turn Bauman’s story into a movie, with a script based on Stronger, the book he co-authored with bestselling writer Bret Witter. Now, Variety reports that actor Jake Gyllenhaal is the top candidate to portray Bauman in the film.

Sources tell the entertainment news outlet that after meeting with several A-list actors, executives have narrowed down Gyllenhaal as their favorite for the role, and that an official offer is forthcoming.

The film, which retains the title Stronger, will be directed by David Gordon Green, who, although perhaps best known for his comedy Pineapple Express, is no stranger to tackling thrillers and dramas.

Stronger is one of three films currently in development about the Boston Marathon bombings. The other two are Patriots’ Day, to be produced by Mark Wahlberg, and Boston Strong, based on a book by David Wedge and Casey Sherman.