Matt Damon Calls Out Aquaman in The Martian Clip

He's trolling us, right?

In case you weren’t keeping up: Matt Damon’s upcoming movie The Martian is trying that whole “make a viral video” marketing ploy thing.

The day before 20th Century Fox released the first trailer, a YouTube account called “ARES: live” posted a video with Damon and ensemble all acting in character. Damon plays the protagonist, astronaut Mark Watney, who, in the movie, literally gets lost in space.

On Tuesday, “Ares: live” posted another video, this time showing what happened after the team of astronauts were put through 10 days of solitary.

Some handled the isolation better than others.

Damon’s character Watney, in particular, spent his time alone ruminating on the superpowers of Aquaman, asking:

I feel like I got to some of the more important questions—not the answers—but definitely some things that kept me up at night. … How come Aquaman can control whales? I mean, whales are mammals. Doesn’t even make sense.

He continues:

I mean, I understand if you’re going to say: Alright, kids might not know a whale’s a mammal, and if Aquaman needs a big fish, the kids are going to say, “Why didn’t he call a whale?” And you’re not going to stop the show and explain, “Oh, whales are mammals,” because the kid doesn’t understand that the whale’s a f—king mammal.

First of all, cool your jets, Will Hunting—everything is going to be OK.

Second, the clip is only that much funnier if you remember the rumors last year about Damon possibly playing Aquaman in Justice League. The role has since been given to Jason Momoa of Game of Thrones fame, shattering dreams of a Ben Affleck-Matt Damon superhero bromance, but it makes you wonder: could Damon be projecting some latent bitterness through Watney?

Of course not. Damon’s a smart guy; mostly likely, he’s just trolling us. Touché.


The Martian opens October 2.