Massachusetts Daily Show Guests Were the Best Guests


Daily Show Deval

Jon Stewart signed off for the last time Thursday night. Over his 16-year tenure on The Daily Show, Stewart interviewed more than 2,000 guests. Of course, a decent portion of those hail from Massachusetts. Here’s a short list of those who represented the Bay State on primetime.

Denis Leary

The Worcester native appeared on The Daily Show a staggering 17 times, as early as Stewart’s first year on the job, and as recent as earlier this week.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Warren posted a farewell to Stewart on her Facebook page Thursday, recounting her first appearance on the show. “I was a no-name college professor there in 2009 to talk about oversight of the Wall Street bailout. It was important—and I didn’t want to mess up and become the joke,” she wrote. “The first couple of minutes seemed so terrible, I thought I would have to resign from my new position on the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel. But when we got to the commercial break, Jon could tell that I hadn’t said what I’d come to say. He took my arm, told me to stay in my seat — and then he let me deliver this message. That moment changed my life.”

Matt Damon

Will Hunting appeared on The Daily Show three times, as recently as 2011.

Ben Affleck

You can’t truly appreciate how far Ben Affleck has come without taking a gander at 2003’s goateed, khaki-wearing Ben Affleck, bad Osama Bin Laden impression and all.

Secretary of State John Kerry

The former U.S. senator from Massachusetts made a stop at The Daily Show on the campaign trail, in the midst of the swiftboat controversy.

Rep. Barney Frank

The mercurial, perennially outspoken Frank was a natural fit for the show, but only appeared once in 2009 while still in Congress.

Gov. Deval Patrick

The former governor chatted with Stewart about his book A Reason to Believe in 2011.

Mitchell Zuckoff

The Boston University journalism professor and former Globe reporter stopped by to promote his book Lost in Shangri-La in 2011, gifting Stewart a genital gourd from New Guinea.

Louis C.K.

The Newton North High School alum was Stewart’s final guest.