John Cena Absolutely Wrecked Jon Stewart on Monday Night Raw

Consider it payback for Summerslam.



Of the thousand or so think-pieces generated by Jon Stewart’s departure from The Daily Show after 16 years, speculating what lay ahead for the comedian/talk show host/public intellectual/ombudsman of the American Left, it’s doubtful anyone’s predictions included “WWE stint.”

Stewart turned up at a sold-out Barclays Center in Brooklyn for Summerslam, where he interrupted a match between United States Champion (and West Newbury, Mass. native) John Cena and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. You see, Stewart and Rollins have a bit of a history. In February, Rollins interrupted Stewart’s signature “Moment of Zen.” The following Monday Night Raw, Stewart kicked Rollins in the gonads.

Flash-forward to Summerslam, and Stewart emerges with a steel chair. But instead of hammering away at Rollins, Stewart delivered a shot to Cena’s gut, costing him the match—and his U.S. title.

Monday night, Cena got his revenge on Stewart, delivering his signature finisher, the Attitude Adjustment (Remember when it was called the FU? Also, they dug up Ric Flair for this?).

What strange times we live in.