South Park Premiere Will Take Aim at Deflategate, Tom and Gisele

It's not the first time Matt and Trey have sacked Brady.

Even Matt and Trey aren’t immune from the allure of a good Deflategate joke.

Comedy Central has released a teaser for the premiere of South Park‘s 19th season, titled “Stunning and Brave,” which will focus on Caitlyn Jenner. Cartman is seen ranting to his friends about receiving detention and his plans to fight it.

“You know what guys? I’m going to Tom Brady this thing,” Cartman says. “I’m going to say, ‘You’re not giving me four days of detention. You’re only giving me one. No! No, to hell with that—you’re giving no days suspension.’ Then I’m going to go home and f–k my hot wife, who’s not even that hot. Kind of looks like a dude.”

Series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are noted Denver Broncos fans, and have taken shots at Brady in the past. In season 17’s “Taming Strange,” a mixup in the Canadian healthcare system inadvertently sends the New England Patriots quarterback laxatives instead of hormones, and the episode concludes with Brady filling his pants in a matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Patriots owner Bob Kraft appeared in a non-speaking roll in the season 18 premiere, “Go Fund Yourself,” when NFL owners appear via teleconference.

Via Comedy Central

Via Comedy Central

Season 19 premieres September 16 at 10 p.m.