Elizabeth Warren Tells Stephen Colbert Why She’s Still Not Running for President

'The game is rigged.'

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night and reiterated for about the millionth time that she’s still not running for president.

“Can you tell us why you’d be such a terrible choice?” Colbert asked. “Why we shouldn’t be clamoring for an Elizabeth Warren presidency?”

Warren explained that she has enough on her plate already trying to change the system while working in Congress.

“I’m out there every single day in the middle of a huge fight,” Warren said. “It’s a fight about what this country is going to look like going forward. The game is rigged.”

The late-night host wanted Warren to explain what sort of game is going on in Washington D.C., and she didn’t hesitate to school Colbert on how the federal government has failed the middle class.

“We have a federal government that works great for millionaires, it works great for billionaires, it works great for giant corporations,” Warren said. “For the rest of America, it’s just not working, and it’s time for us to take that government back.”

The fiery statement earned a huge applause from the crowd, which encouraged Colbert to quip, “Well, you don’t sound like you’re running for president.”

Later on in the interview, Warren broke down what she thinks would help America turn things around, harkening back to polices created in the aftermath of the Great Depression.

“Coming out of the Great Depression, together, we said we were going to do two things,” Warren said. “We’re going to put a cop on the beat on Wall Street—and we did that—and the second thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to make investments into things that create opportunity here in this country. Education, infrastructure, roads, bridges, basic research.”

Check out Waren’s full chat with Colbert here.