Jimmy Kimmel Interviewed the Boston Sunfish Bros

Internet sensations Mikey Bergin and Jay Foster showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night.

Jimmy Kimmel scored an interview with a pair of Boston celebrities on Tuesday, and no, it wasn’t with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

The local stars who showed up on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! were actually Malden fishermen Mikey Bergin and Jay Foster, the Boston bros who became Internet sensations last week when their video encounter with a sunfish  went viral.

“I enjoyed your video immensely, and you look exactly as I imagined you would,” Kimmel joked as he introduced the duo via satellite.

“What’s that, like a bum?” Bergin replied while sitting next to his pal, who was rocking an “It’s a tuna bro!” shirt (which they are also apparently selling).

The interview proved to be just as entertaining as the original sunfish video thanks to the pairs’ hilarious repartee.

Bergin, however, was definitely the main attraction as he broke out some of his classic one-liners, as well as some new ones, in his thick Boston accent.

“I was hoping it was a tuna, kid. Imagine the money we would’ve got?” he exclaimed at one point.

Kimmel was definitely enjoying himself throughout the segment and told the two men, “I’m just going to say right now that I’m in love with the both of you.”

“And we love you dude!” Bergin replied.

Of course Kimmel had to ask the Boston bros about their thoughts on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

“Oh, we love Tom Brady,” Foster said while Bergin made bowing gestures.

That love, however, did not extend to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

“You suck, Roger Goodell,” Bergin yelled towards the end of the chat.

You can check out the full interview above.