Mark, Donnie, and Paul on Building the Wahlburgers Brand

The burger business has been good to the Wahlberg brothers, but they aren't ready to talk dynasty building just yet.

Wahlburgers Mark Wahlberg Donnie Wahlberg Robert Wahlberg Alma Wahlberg

From left: Robert, Donnie, Alma, and Mark Wahlberg on the red carpet at Wahlburgers on October 1. Photo by: Matt Juul / Boston Magazine

Before the new Wahlburgers in Fenway officially opens its doors, the burger joint rolled out the red carpet for an invite-only, grand opening party on Thursday night.

Friends and family members joined owners Mark, Donnie, and Paul Wahlberg for the festivities, as eager fans snapped photos from behind a velvet rope.

Between an Emmy nominated reality series and new locations popping up in Boston and abroad, it’s clear that the Dorchester brothers are building something big with the Wahlburgers brand.

Nothing would make them happier than to see their joint venture turn into something that provides for their family generation after generation. However, they aren’t ready to get lost in dreams of dynasty building just yet, and are staying focused on keeping up the momentum at their various New England locations.

“It would be amazing to build a business that would last for generations, but most importantly, it’s important for us to start it right here in our own backyard,” Mark said. “Whether it be here in Fenway, in Hingham, in Lynnfield, coming up in Dorchester very soon, we want to start really in and around the New England area. We’ve got a lot of other businesses and franchisees out across the country and across different parts of the world, but our main focus right now is in New England.”

For Paul, the mastermind chef behind Wahlburgers, he is solely occupied with creating quality meals each and every time. There’s simply no room for talk of the future.

“It’s all about the next burger that comes out. Happy customers right here, right now, is the important thing, and that’s what I do,” Paul said. “Getting this place open tomorrow and serving burgers tomorrow to people who are actually paying for something—that’s my goal.”

While they may not like discussing what the burger business may look like decades down the road, they have plenty of reasons to be positive. There are currently plans in place to bring new locations to other major American cities as well as to the Middle East.

No matter where they open, though, the brothers hope they can stay true to their Boston roots.

“It’s not just building a brand for our family, it’s building a brand, hopefully, for our city too,” Donnie said. “We are very proud to be from Boston, we love representing Boston. We love doing this in Boston, but we also hope to do it in other places too and give people a taste of our life and our experiences in this wonderful city.”