Jaws 19 Gets Hilarious Parody Trailer Just in Time for Back to the Future Day

Residents of Martha's Vineyard are probably relieved this isn't a real film, though.

The Back to the Future franchise predicted that a ton of awesome things would happen by October 21, 2015.

While we’re still waiting for those flying cars, the trilogy did get a few things right. Theo Epstein’s Cubs are poised to make a World Series run this postseason and Pepsi is actually releasing a “Perfect” version of its popular soda. Now we can add a Jaws sequel to the list of predictions Back to the Future got right—well, sort of.

In honor of the Michael J. Fox starring film’s 30th anniversary, Universal Studios has released a parody trailer for Jaws 19, the flick that was taking over theaters when Marty McFly traveled through time in Back to the Future II.

Thankfully for cinephiles and residents of Martha’s Vineyard (where the original Jaws was shot), this faux sequel will never make its way to production, let alone the big screen. However, it’s fun to laugh at all of the ridiculous would-be additions to the killer shark franchise.

Some highlights from the teaser include a look back at all of the sequels we’ve missed out on since they stopped making Jaws films after 1987’s awful and unfortunately real fourth addition to the franchise, Jaws: The Revenge. Our pick for the best fake sequel has to be Jaws 17: Fifty Scales of Grey.

Check out the teaser above.

Jaws 19 may never see the light of day, but moviegoers will be able to see Back to the Future in theaters later this month.

In honor of the franchise’s 30th anniversary, Universal Studios is holding a special re-release of the film for Back to the Future Day, which is going down on Wednesday, October 21, of course.

The iconic sci-fi series will be playing locally at a number of theaters including the AMC Loews Boston Common 19 and Coolidge Corner Theatre.