Watch: Matt Damon, Kim Kardashian Star in Parody Trailer for Stuck on Uranus

Ellen DeGeneres pitches her idea for a fake The Martian sequel.

After raking in $55 million for a nearly record breaking opening weekend, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Matt Damon’s sci-fi thriller The Martian got the sequel treatment.

But where in the galaxy could we send the Boston-bred actor to this time? Should Damon go to one of the moons around Jupiter? How about sending the former Academy Award winner to check out the rings around Saturn?

Well, Ellen DeGeneres has a better idea: let’s send Damon to Uranus.

The talk show host wants the world to know her idea for the franchise’s next interstellar installment, and she’s already put together a trailer for her fake film. The television star has released a parody video for her follow-up to The Martian, hilariously titled Stuck on Uranus, which debuted online before appearing on Tuesday’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The faux sequel features the return of Damon as astronaut Mark Watney, who ends up getting stuck on another distant planet found in our solar system, which also happens to have a name that makes most kids chuckle.

“No matter what happens, tell the world, tell my family, that I never stopped fighting to get off of Uranus,” Damon says with a deadpan face in the spoof trailer.

In addition to starring the Cambridge native, the video also has DeGeneres taking over for Jeff Daniels as the head of NASA, as well as an appearance by reality TV star and noted derriere expert Kim Kardashian West, who plays a scientist who specializes in all things Uranus (obviously).

“You could say he was stuck on Uranus, or you could say he was left behind,” DeGeneres jokily told her studio audience after showing the trailer.

And people say that Uranus jokes are only for children.

You can check out the hilarious parody video above.