Kevin Millar Explained to Seth Meyers How He’d Fake Crazy to Avoid Red Sox Fans

The retired first baseman also showed off his dad bod and confirmed that outrageous Manny Ramirez Viagra story.

Former Red Sox players turned baseball analysts Kevin Millar and Sean Casey stopped by the Late Show with Seth Meyers on Thursday night.

Since Meyers’ beloved Sox will not be making an appearance this postseason, the discussion focused on the team’s more successful years, particularly their amazing World Series run in 2004.

The comedian couldn’t help but ask Millar about some of the antics that went on during that time, including the former first baseman’s interesting technique for avoiding fans when he was in a rush.

“You can’t sign for everybody, and if you got a two minute bus, you got to roll,” Millar said. “We had the fake phone call walk of shame.”

The ex-Red Sox star explained that when he was in a hurry to catch the team bus, he’d pretend to have a crazy argument with his wife in order to dissuade fans from badgering him for autographs.

“You start screaming and then it gets more uptight and next thing you know their good like, ‘Woah, that guy’s crazy,'” Millar joked. “I pretended to be crazy, wasn’t crazy.”

Millar also confirmed that outrageous story Pedro Martinez told Meyers earlier in the year about how Manny Ramirez would spike their ritual, pre-game drink with Viagra.

“True story. It felt like we were smuggling flashlights playing catch,” Millar said. “If you could hit 40 [homeruns] and drive in 130 [RBI] like he did, everybody tried it, right. It’s whatever Manny does.”

You can check out the hilarious interview above.

The pair stuck around after the show for an online exclusive chat where Millar talked about a variety of topics, including his budding dad bod.

The former MLB player also called Meyers a Red Sox groupie and decided to return the love by wearing a Late Night shirt for the interview.

“You were the groupie for the Red Sox for many years, you were my groupie, so it’s my turn to give back,” Millar said.