Matt Damon Is the Internet’s Second-Most Popular Actor

Only one person had more entries on IMDb's list of the top 25 movies from the last 25 years than the Boston-bred actor.

Matt Damon may be No. 1 at the box office right now, but he was narrowly edged out by Leonardo DiCaprio for the title of the Internet’s most popular actor.

In celebration of IMDb’s upcoming 25th anniversary,Vanity Fair got an exclusive look at the website’s user ratings and found that Damon’s The Departed co-star appears in more films on the site’s list of the 25 most popular movies from the last 25 years than any other actor.

While the Boston-bred star is featured in three films on the list (The DepartedSaving Private Ryan, and Interstellar), DiCaprio just barely beats him out with four entries (The Wolf of Wall StreetDjango UnchainedInception, and The Departed).

Sadly, Damon’s best bud Ben Affleck didn’t make the cut at all, although Mark Wahlberg gets a nod since he starred in director Martin Scosese’s 2006 crime drama as well. The Departed is also the only film based in Boston to be included (sorry Good Will Hunting).

The list, which features the top-ranked films from each year since IMDb debuted in 1990, was compiled from over 250 million votes by the site’s users. Check out the full rundown of the most popular flicks from the past 25 years over at Vanity Fair.