B.J. Novak Launches New Social Media Application

It's called The List App and yes, it is compatible WUPHF.

B.J. Novak isn’t just a bestselling author and hilarious comedic actor, he’s also an entrepreneur.

The Office star and Newton native is launching a new social media platform called The List App. Novak, who cofounded the company behind the application, tweeted out the news on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the company’s website, the goal of The List App is to give people “a new way to create and discover lists about anything and everything.” The app, which is currently only available for the iPhone, hopes to give online users “complete freedom” over how they curate their social media experiences.

Novak’s latest endeavor sounds eerily similar to a product his character Ryan Howard created on The Office called WUPHF.

As expected, the local actor was inundated with questions about the connection between WUPHF and The List App. Novak cheekily explained on Twitter that the two products would be compatible with each other.

The Newton native’s TV spouse and real-life BFF Mindy Kaling showed her support for the app in a tweet she sent out prior to the launch.

Let’s just hope Novak’s latest social networking app fares better than his fake one on The Office.