A Wax Museum Is Coming to Boston

Prepare for faux sports star selfies next spring.

Wax museum photo via Shutterstock

Wax museum photo via Shutterstock

When flocks of tourists visit Boston, there’s one thing that’s never been on their itineraries—visiting a wax museum.

Companies like Madame Tussauds cater to wax museum-goers in six other major U.S. cities, but next year, Boston will be getting its own collection of surprisingly lifelike models. The Boston Wax Museum is set to open in spring 2016 at 1 Washington Mall outside of City Hall Plaza.

It won’t be a part of the Madame Tussauds chain, though; a company called Dreams Entertainment Group of Brazil will open the 16,000-square-foot museum in its first U.S. venture.

A representative from the company told the Boston Business Journal that Boston’s history and its reputation for tourism influenced the decision to expand into the United States. She said the museum shouldn’t be viewed as another Madame Tussauds, because a large portion of the museum will be dedicated to Boston’s influential history makers. And in true New England fashion, there will be models of star athletes.

Bring on the deceiving selfies.